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ROS-36 36  Gallon Per Day Reverse Omosis Unit. 
$450 +$48.00 S&H(USA) =$559.00 

Replacement Filters:
Prefilter (ROSPRE) Pre $6.95 each.   Change once a year
Post filter (ROSPOST) Post $19.95 each. Change every 2-3 years
AICRO (TOP FILTER) $19.95  Change every 4 years.
Membrane TFC  $99.00   Change every 4-8 years

Plus S&H 

 (New Jersey residents add sales tax) 

Payment can be made by Check, VISA or MASTER CARD. 
ALPHA will notify you upon receipt of order and review all of the equipment 
ordered and verification of shipping and handling. 
Please make check payable to: ALPHA WATER SYSTEMS INC

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Alpha Water Systems Inc P.O. Box 1210 Montague, N.J. 07827
You can also call, at 973-293-7856 or 
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