Alpha's Portable Reverse Osmosis

Portable Reverse Osmosis

Alpha's Portable Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Certain areas of the country have a high mineral content in their water. When the concentration of these dissolved solids get above 250 mg/l (ppm), the water can take on a bitter taste. Since ordinary filters do not remove minerals and salt from the water, a Reverse Osmosis system is recommended. Reverse Osmosis is a process of forcing tap water through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving dissolved solids and other impurities behind. These impurities are rinsed away, resulting in clean, clear, great tasting water. This same process is used by many of the bottled water companies. Anything made with R/O water tastes better: coffee, juices, soups, pasta. Ice cubes are clearer and harder and free of "funny taste".

Our portable reverse osmosis system is perfect for apartments, RV's, or travel. Just connect it to your faucet with the quick-connect adapter, turn on your tap water, and collect the pure water into any container. After usage, simply disconnect and store in it's portable carry case- it's compact size
(14" long, 6" high, 3" wide) takes up very little space. Our 4 stage system includes a pre filter where sediment, chlorine, and chemicals are removed, and the high-performance membrane including 2 KDF/GAC Advanced carbon filters.

The membrane has been certified by the NSF (standard 58) for the following contaminants: Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium (Hexavalent), Chromium (Trivalent), Copper, Cysts, Turbidity, Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, and TDS.

Here's what makes this a great choice:

5 year warranty on hardware, 1 year pro-rated on membrane.

Model PRO-4 With Case $599.00, Shipping $38.95 Total $637.95 (in Continental U.S. Only)
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        Alpha's Portable filter system can be tested and certified with your own TDS water meter.
TDS Meter
Show the difference of TDS results.

Before using PRO
(TDS range from 250-450ppm)
After using PRO 
(TDS range 5-26 ppm) 


Results: PRO  filter system can remove 95-99% of material in the water.

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